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Jewelry Consumer News

Becoming intimate with today's jewelry consumer is critical to manufacturers, brands and retailers. In today's highly competitive, consolidating and margin shrinking environment, all players in the jewelry space must learn to listen, hear and heed the voice of the jewelry consumer.

MVI's Jewelry Consumer News features regular episodes of video interviews with jewelry consumers on timely topics relevant to today's business strategies and priorities.

Watch and listen as MVI's Jewelry Consumer News captures consumers in the moment of researching their potential purchases, shopping for brands and products, analyzing their purchases and evaluating likely future behaviors.

MVI's Jewelry Consumer News is FREE and we encourage to you sign up for alerts when each new edition goes live. 

MVI's Jewelry Consumer News provides a powerful taste of why we say:

"It's the Consumer's Opinion That Counts!"

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Jewelry Consumer Market Research

In the jewelry business, the product is NOT sold until it sells thru at retail. 

MVI‘s Jewelry Consumer Market Research is the industry standard for detailing, defining and analyzing consumer preferences and likely behaviors.

"It's the Consumer's Opinion That Counts!"

We have perfected a unique predictive modeling protocol, allowing our clients to learn what will sell thru, with which consumers, for what price, and where.

Predictive Modeling of likely consumer behaviors is critical in today’s competitive marketplace, where the cost of raw materials continues to rise, and sell thru at retail is the only metric that counts.

In addition to product research with target consumers, MVI‘s Jewelry Consumer Market Research is the perfect vehicle for testing brand awareness, equity and leverage opportunities.

MVI’s clients include mining conglomerates, manufacturers, retailers, trade associations, financial institutions and sovereign nations.

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Jewelry Industry Intel

With a dearth of published data and an unwritten code of silence, market intelligence and strategic direction from key industry leaders is hard to come by. 

MVI's Jewelry Industry Intel is the source for research supporting strategic decision-making on a b2b level.

MVI'sextensive industry database and personal relationships can be leveraged to support any market entry or market expansion strategy.

In the recent past, the MVI team has research, developed and introduced several of the key product and brand innovations in the jewelry space including 

Champagne Diamonds

The Indo Argyle Diamond Council

Artic Reflections


Infinity X Infinity

Hallmark Jewelry and many others.

MVI’s clients include mining conglomerates, manufacturers, retailers, trade associations, financial institutions and sovereign nations.

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