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Jewelry Consumer News

3 Facts of Life for Luxury Brands and Retailers

  1. Millennials Don’t Really Read Any More Dude
  2. Traditional Media/Marketing Spends Don’t Reach Millennials
  3. Millennials are Consuming Video in Unprecedented Numbers

Jewelry Consumer THE consumer CONTENT marketing opportunity for jewelry and watch brands
and retailers.

Each edition of Jewelry Consumer News is an exploration into the latest in style, trend and fashion in today's luxurious world of gems, jewelry and watches.

JCN regularly interviews designers, celebrities and consumers to capture engaging video content about the newest jewelry and watch innovations, brands and products.

Jewelry Consumer an authoritative, journalistic, 3rd party stamp of approval for your product or brand.

Jewelry Consumer News Is distributed on the web and in social media.

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Luxury Consumer Research

In the luxury consumer goods business, the product is NOT sold until it sells thru at retail.

MVI‘s Luxury Consumer Research is the industry standard for detailing, defining and analyzing consumer preferences and likely behaviors.

With over 30 years of experience and leadership, MVI has perfected a unique predictive modeling protocol, allowing our clients to learn what will sell thru, with which consumers, for what price, and where.

Predictive Modeling of likely consumer behaviors is critical in today’s competitive marketplace, where the cost of raw materials continues to rise, and sell thru at retail is the only metric that counts.

In addition to product research with target consumers, MVI‘s Luxury Consumer Research is the perfect vehicle for testing brand awareness, equity and leverage opportunities.

MVI regularly provides detailed market sizing for new products and business models within the luxury consumer goods space.

MVI’s clients include multi-national conglomerates, manufacturers, retailers, trade associations, financial institutions and sovereign nations.

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Millennial Discretionary Spend

MVI has established a strategic partnership with Cint AB to leverage Cint’s technology for obtaining audience’s insights, demographic and unique data points for its Millennial Discretionary Spend Research Report. MVI’s subscription based syndicated research report, which is accessible via a web based portal, provides MVI’s active clients in the luxury goods sector with a deep dive into current market trends.

Taking full advantage of Cint’s latest SaaS offering Cint Connect, a real-time insights tool that offers a self-serve ecosystem for audience and ad effectiveness measurement, MVI is now able to capture 100+ demographic and pre-profiled data points among each of the 19 million audience members hosted in Cint’s platform as they view an online ad tagged for tracking via Cint’s technology. MVI now has the ability to track and share data on age, gender, geographic location, household income, education level, in addition to several other data points per impression on digital ads targeted for tracking, providing MVI with unique data points unavailable from any other resource or technology.

In addition, MVI has tapped into Cint’s insight exchange platform to reach MVI’s niche target audiences (professional millennials, those soon to be engaged/recently engaged and luxury brand purchasers) for their research efforts. Via this partnership, MVI will now have much quicker access to profiled research respondents for their regular omnibus and quantitative research studies.

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