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The Holy Trinity of Future Jewelry Customers
How to understand, market to and sell the 3 key consumer segment for the next 25 years of retail ...

The Hispanic Jewelry Market in the USA: The Hidden Giant Updated April 2015
It is projected that Hispanics will account for 30 percent of the total USA population by 2050. Wi...

November is Jewelers for Veterans Month
Every Jeweler in America Asked to Participate “November 2015 and every November thereafter i...

Jewelry Consumer Market Research

In the jewelry business, the product is NOT sold until it sells thru at retail. MVI‘s Jewelry Consumer Market Research is the industry standard for detailing, defining and analyzing consumer preferences and likely behaviors. "It's the Consumer's Opinion That Counts!"

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Jewelry Industry Intel

With a dearth of published data and an unwritten code of silence, market intelligence and strategic direction from key industry leaders is hard to come by. MVI's Jewelry Industry Intel is the source for research supporting strategic decision-making on a b2b level.

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Consulting - Business Discovery Workshop

In MVI's ongoing quest to more effectively serve our strategic consulting clients, we have developed the Business Discovery Workshop - an adjunct product following on from any of our consumer or trade market research studies.

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