Millennial Consumer Research Self Purchasing Females: Luxury Growth Demographic of Opportunity

MVI Marketing LLC conducted this research study to assist luxury brands to better understand and communicate with young luxury consumers.

The Millennial Consumer Research Study of Self Purchasing Females is our fourth study designed to capture a benchmark understanding of the products and brands achieving penetration with this emerging consumer segment.

The results of this research study and comparisons with previous MVI studies with the same target audience, have led us to identify the Millennial Self Purchasing Female segment as the Luxury Growth Demographic of Opportunity. Reasons for this include:

- 30 plus year spending cycle just beginning

- Brand attachments in their formative stage

- Content engagement, style, adornment will propel brand loyalty

The results also reinforce our strong sense of optimism for Millennial Self Purchasing Females as an entry level segment for luxury brands seeking a break thru with younger consumers.

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Millennial Consumer Research Self Purchasing Females: Luxury Growth Demographic of Opportunity

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